Training a New Puppy

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  • Housebreaking a Puppy
    Dogs are creatures of habit; and once they develop a habit, breaking it can be a long, frustrating process. Your puppy needs guidance and encouragement from you to develop a toilet habit you can live with.

  • Obedience Training
    Obedient dogs make the best companions. Time spent training your puppy will reward you with a pet that is deeply bonded to you, respects you and is a joy to have around.

  • Crate Training your Puppy
    Dogs and puppies love to curl up in snug spots. This is a natural "denning" instinct left over from their wolf ancestors. Many people view a kennel or crate from a human perspective - a cage, or prison. Yet, if it is properly introduce, a dog crate provides a sense of security for your puppy; a place of her own. At the same time, a puppy that is comfortable in a crate is easier to housebreak and travels well.

  • Digging Problems
    Digging is a natural, instinctive behavior in dogs and puppies. The most well known reason dogs dig is to bury or retrieve bones or treasured toys. On hot days, some dogs naturally dig and lay in a hole to escape the heat.

  • Behavior Training
    There's a popular saying among dog trainers: "There's no such thing as a bad dog." While that may be true, any trainer will admit that there are dogs with very bad habits.

  • How to Control Barking
    If your puppy seems to bark excessively, the first step in stopping her behavior is to identify the reasons for it.