Raising a Healthy Puppy

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  • Feeding your Puppy
    Your puppy's food must be appropriate for her size, age, state of health and activity level. As you stroll the isles of pet supply stores or grocery stores, you'll find a variety of food brands in a wide range of prices.

  • Puppy Health Tips
    The quality of your puppy's health is the result of a partnership between you and your veterinarian.

  • Diseases and Parasites
    A good diet and plenty of exercise are important to a puppy's health, but they can't make a puppy totally immune to illness. Early detection is the key to helping your puppy overcome any health problem.

  • Safety Concerns for Puppies
    With a little foresight and action, dog's best friends can create a "home, safe home" for their precious pooches.

  • Spay and Neuter Facts
    Pet overpopulation is a problem worldwide. There are more dogs than homes available, and the number of canines increases daily. Homeless dogs and puppies suffer from starvation and disease. Yet, there is a simple solution to this serious problem. Spaying and neutering pet dogs would drastically affect overpopulation.

  • Grooming your Puppy
    Dogs take care of some of their grooming needs on their own, but still need a helping hand from their owners. Taking the time to groom your puppy on a regular basis has its own rewards; it strengthens your bond with her and allows you to notice health problems before they become serious.

  • First Aid for Puppies
    If your puppy is badly hurt in your home or while out and about with you, you should know how to administer first aid until you can reach a veterinarian. A first aid kit tailored to your puppy's needs can truly be a lifesaver.

  • Health Insurance for Pets
    For those of us who own animals and have taken them to the vet's office for one reason or another, we know just how quickly the costs of maintaining a pet add up. Not only can the yearly physicals and immunizations be costly, but add in any unexpected injuries or illnesses and the costs can easily run into the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Most of us carry health insurance on ourselves and our family members for this very reason, so why not on our pets too?